Quality is of the utmost importance to us at Mahavir Tex Prints, therefore we provide all our fabrics
after a 3-layer quality check, with zero shrinkage standards, and high colour fastness standards.

Slide Weaving Equipped with the latest generation looms, the weaving unit is able to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and globalized market with extreme flexibility and speed.

The looms are all networked with a fully computerized system.
Slide Design Studio The world of fashion is transient and its fleeting nature dictates the course of public taste and the future of the textile industry. The hi-fashion industry is constantly challenged to keep abreast with fashion trends and preferences to stay relevant. Therefore, to keep its customers one step ahead of its competitors, Mahavir Tex Prints offers an array of ingenious, latest, and creative designs in its collection. The company employs some of the finest and virtuoso designers from the country to deliver world-class designs to its customers. The in-house Design Studio is technologically well-equipped to meet the ever-changing requirements of the industry. Slide Pre-treatment Pre-treatment is the processes that are used to remove impurities from fibres or fabric to make it dyeable or printable. From Singeing, Desizing, Scouring to bleaching and Mercerising, we have installed state-of-the-art machineries for all these processes. Resulting in a softer and lustrous fabric with brighter printing results. Slide Dyeing Using superior quality imported dyes and high-tech dyeing machinery, Mahavir Tex Prints, dyes a wide range of fabrics. We have a capacity of dyeing 50,000 meters per day and 1000+ colour options to choose from. Slide Printing – Digital Printing/ Rotary Printing/ Flatbed screen printing From the very beginning, Mahavir Tex Prints has believed and invested in Digital Fabric Printing and is at the forefront of this technology. Partnering with Epson, Italy, we have built a printing facility utilizing the latest generation of machines. We have continued to expand and grow, and are now capable of printing 20,000 linear meters of digitally printed fabric per day. The strong point of this technology is its fast production time, allowing for quick reassortment, even in small lots. Additionally, this technology is a highly sustainable printing option in the industry. We also have the world’s best rotary and flatbed machine from Ichinose, Japan. Ensuring larger quantities being produced at lower cost. All in all we are able to realize articles of the highest quality and together with our customers, we print finest and exclusive designs on silk, cotton, viscose, linen, rayon and modal. Making us a one stop solution for any of your printing requirements. Slide Post-treatment Our Finishing Department is equipped with technologically advanced machinery including rameuse, trimmers, continuous steaming devices, KD, Matt and a drying carpet to ensure high shrinkage standards. We offer various finishes such as softeners, non-slip, anti-pilling, stain and oil repellent, anti-static, crease resistance, trimming treatments, KD finishing, thermo-fixing and steaming. Slide Stitching Our stitching unit is equipped with technologically advanced cutting, stitching, and finishing machinery. All our finished goods go under 3 layer quality check to produce high quality and supreme finish garments. We offer many made-ups such as bed sheets, duvets, shirts, Kurtis, ladies dress, scarves, etc.

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